E hara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari, he toa takitini
Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many

Te Kotahi a Tāmaki – Marae Collective would like to acknowledge the following organisations, funders and individuals for their contribution and support towards the development of our website and the Tūāpapa ā-Marae Platform.

On behalf of Te Kotahi a Tāmaki – Marae Collective we would like to thank each and everyone of you for the beautiful taonga, gifts, and support given to TKAT marae collective.

Our primary funder of Tūāpapa ā-Marae and our website, who supported us with meeting our milestones, developing key relationships, and supporting us with developing our infrastructure to ensure we are future proof with robust systems in place moving towards sustainability and resilience.

Our secondary funder of Tūāpapa ā-Marae that supported us with scoping our plan, so that we capture the learnings, the journey and our growth.  We are grateful also for the support provided around our collective hui we hold with our marae members that achieve positive outcomes for Māori.

We would like to acknowledge TRW for their support in providing a korowai for TKAT, not only from inception but through to setting up our legal entity.  Your contributions have opened many doors and opportunities for TKAT which we are forever grateful.  We would like to make a special acknowledgement to Tania Kingi and Sione Pasene for the foresight, vision and aroha you both have given TKAT that has allowed us to grow in leaps and bounds.

Utilising traditional taonga puoro, to create and compose our soundscape recordings used in the background of the drone footage

For writing and composing our beautiful karanga utilised in our drone footage. What a blessing and we will treasure this taonga forever.

For writing and composing our tauparapara used in the drone footage. Another very special gift that speaks of Tāmaki Makaurau and places of significance.

Thank you to the team at kōnect for developing our amazing website and the Tūāpapa ā-Marae platform. We thank you for conceptualizing our ideas into reality allowing the creativity to thrive.

Te Kotahi a Tāmaki is a charitable trust, governed by Te Kōmiti Whakahāere o Te Kotahi a Tāmaki who are representatives of marae members.  The Kōmiti Whakahāere role is to set strategic goals, aligned to our vision of Whakamana ngā Marae, Whakamana ngā Iwi (strengthen marae and your will strengthen our people). 

TKAT have a small passionate team of kaimahi, inspired by the kaupapa of Te Kotahi a Tāmaki. Our role, is to put into action the strategic goals of our Kōmiti Whakahāere. Mahia te mahi! Providing support to kaimahi, including ringawera of our marae member’s is fundamental to our being.  

Currently we have 27 Formal member’s and 15 supporting marae.  Our marae member’s are located in and around the boundaries of Tāmaki Makaurau.  We have numerous type’s of marae made up of mana whenua, mataawaka, and taura here.  Our collective of marae have their own Mana Motuhake (individual autonomy) which is very important for TKAT to ensure that in everything we do, every marae have their own mana, mauri and whakapapa, and whilst we are a collective that support each other to thrive and address any gaps, we are also very clear of how we also have our uniqueness, our own strength, and each are a taonga (sacred gift) to be preserved, upheld, looked after with upmost respect and care, each having their own journey, pūrakau (stories), and Rangatira (leader’s) who have left their pearls of wisdom for the future generations.

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